Apart from regular finishing applied to printed and dyed fabric, Our finishing capabilities include flame retardant, specialty comfort, optical brightening as well as modifying handle of fabric. We also have polymerizer / steamer for baking pigment and steaming reactive dyes. Continuous wash ranges for washing off reactive prints are also in the range.

Key notes:

  • 3 Stenter from Brockner, Germany (2) & Artos, Italy (1) can finish 120,000 Meters per day.
  • 1 loop steamer & Polymerization range from Arioli, Italy with a capacity fo 30,000 Meters per day.
  • 1 washing range from Morrison, USA with a capacity of 35,000 Meters per day.
  • 1 Pad Stream Developing range from Mather, UK with a capacity of 60,000 Meters per day.
  • 1 Calender Machine from Remisch, Germany with a capacity of 120,000 Meters per day.

    Head office:

    House 33, Road 27, Uttara, Dhaka – 1230, Bangladesh


    T: +880 2 893 2529

    Fax: +880 2 893 2530