Our weaving unit is equipped with 362 number of wider width ‘Tsudakoma’ airjet weaving machines from Japan; backed up by ‘Sucker Muller & Karl Mayer’ sizing machine and warping facility. 6 air-compressors from ‘Ingersoll Rand’ is fulfilling the air requirement of these looms.

In addition to that, another 48 new airjet with dobby are installed pipeline as a part of our expansion plan.

Key notes:

  • 162 airjet Looms from “Tsudakama”, Japan can produce upto 35,000 meters of fabric per day.
  • Another 200 Airjet machines are under installation & once up & running, these will facilitate 45,000 meters of fabric per day.
  • 14 air-compressors from “Ingersoll Rand”, Ireland.
  • 3 warping machines & 3 sizing machine from “Sucker Muller & Karl Mayer”, Germany.
  • 500 contracted weaving machines are dedicated for Unilliance which produce 50,000 meters of fabric daily.

Plain, sateen, twill, half panama in different constructions and blend is our regular production.

we are the first one who introduce ‘Tencel’ fabric in bed linen in Bangladesh.

    Head office:

    House 33, Road 27, Uttara, Dhaka – 1230, Bangladesh

    email: info@unilliance.com

    T: +880 2 893 2529

    Fax: +880 2 893 2530