We are Determined in Creating
a Better World Together

What we are

We are a group of companies based in Bangladesh. Our Corporate Head office is in Dhaka and manufacturing and operating facilities are in Gazipur, Sheerpur which is just outskirts of Dhaka.

What we do

Unilliance has invested into manufacturing and marketing of Home textiles, Apparels, Fabrics and  Retail business.


Home Textiles

A Vertically Integrated Home Fashion Manufacturing Company where we produce and export home fashion solutions to our customers worldwide through importers and retailers, starting from concept generation and design development with modern, traditional and innovative ideas that creates happiness in people’s everyday life.


Unilliance considers itself as an end-to-end apparel solution provider, starting from sourcing the yarn to weaving  Fabric and going all the way to provide services to the customers. We have a modern manufacturing plant producing  Bottom & Tops for Men’s, Ladies and Kids.

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Unilliance has in house textile producing teams who constantly looking for new fabric and innovations. Our capacity can serves  5 million yards of fabric to customers in different varieties based on their demands like Cotton, Poly Cotton, Spandex, Viscose, Nylon, Tencel, Melange, Poplin ect..

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Very soon Unilliance is going to establish a Retail Network and E-commerce platform to introduce latest global trends in Home Fashions, Clothings, Furniture, Home Decoration and House hold products which are affordable, comfortable and full functioning. We are committed to provide a deserving living style to our valued customers locally and globally.

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Corporate Strategy

At Unilliance we are determined to be valued as one of the most Global Enterprise for Creating a better world together with our Customer, Vendors, People and Neighbors. The purpose of our enterprise is to engage in sustainable Industrial and Retail portfolios which will provide reliable innovations to the customers while being responsible to our People, Society and Environment. 

Highlight News


CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19), has changed living & working ways of the whole world. @Unilliance, we are trying to learn THE NEW WAY to create opportunities in this adversity! We call it: The U Way- which aims to “Create A Better World Together!” That means we @ Unilliance are determined to change the working ways which we used to follow before CORONAVIRUS. We don’t think the old way is going to be feasible anymore. We also believe The Covid-19 has shown and made us compelled to work from far, yet together to pursue the existence of living of human being that it will lead to a better healthy lifestyle. The difference from past is that is going to be healthy and sustainable, yet affordable working style along with virtuality !!!!

We have planned the “CHANGE” recently to strategically sustain in future. The change is made not only the people, but also the business process including product diversification and establishing different strategic business units. We call it the “U-Way” Unilliance working way and we are determined to achieve it together with our customers, vendors, people and the stakeholders.

@Unilliance we have to change and adopt the new skills to achieve work excellence to literally pursue our common goal…. ”Creating a Better World Together” !!!!

Let’s do action…!!!!

Shah S Alam

Founder & Managing Director

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