Manufacturing Operations

Unilliance Mills

South Bhangnahati, Sreepur, Gazipur – 1740, Bangladesh

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Unilliance Mills has been setup on 16 Acres of plain land which is located in Gazipur, Sreepur it is just outskirts of Dhaka. It takes slightly more than an hour to reach from the international airport. Our manufacturing process like Weaving, Finishing, Pre-Treatment, Stitching, Continuous Dyeing,  Coating Specialities, Rotary Prints, Production, Research & Development, Quality Control, Compliance, Laboratory & Testing,  and Mechanical & Technical facilities are providing from the Unilliance Mills.

Facilities we have

We are a producer and exporter of home fashion solutions to our customers worldwide thru importer and retailers, starting from concept generation and design development till production and final delivery of desired products to customer. Unilliance strives to bring excellence in every steps & process whether it could be a basic, traditional solution or modern, innovative ideas that bring happiness in peoples everyday life.


Our weaving unit is equipped with 362 number of wider width ‘Tsudakoma’ airjet weaving machines from Japan; backed up by ‘Sucker Muller & Karl Mayer’ sizing machine and warping facility. 6 air-compressors from ‘Ingersoll Rand’ is fulfilling the air requirement of these looms.

In addition to that, another 48 new airjet with dobby are installed pipeline as a part of our expansion plan.

Key notes:

  • 162 airjet Looms from “Tsudakama”, Japan can produce upto 35,000 meters of fabric per day.
  • Another 200 Airjet machines are under installation & once up & running, these will facilitate 45,000 meters of fabric per day.
  • 14 air-compressors from “Ingersoll Rand”, Ireland.
  • 3 warping machines & 3 sizing machine from “Sucker Muller & Karl Mayer”, Germany.
  • 500 contracted weaving machines are dedicated for Unilliance which produce 50,000 meters of fabric daily.


Plain, sateen, twill, half panama in different constructions and blend is our regular production.

we are the first one who introduce ‘Tencel’ fabric in bed linen in Bangladesh.


Key notes:

  • 3 Stenter from Brockner, Germany (2) & Artos, Italy (1) can finish 120,000 Meters per day.
  • 1 loop steamer & Polymerization range from Arioli, Italy with a capacity fo 30,000 Meters per day.
  • 1 washing range from Morrison, USA with a capacity of 35,000 Meters per day.
  • 1 Pad Stream Developing range from Mather, UK with a capacity of 60,000 Meters per day.
  • 1 Calender Machine from Remisch, Germany with a capacity of 120,000 Meters per day.

Apart from regular finishing applied to printed and dyed fabric, Our finishing capabilities include flame retardant, specialty comfort, optical brightening as well as modifying handle of fabric. We also have polymerizer / steamer for baking pigment and steaming reactive dyes. Continuous wash ranges for washing off reactive prints are also in the range.


The ‘Mather‘ continuous bleaching machine is basically a wider width preparation range compiling of in line dust extraction, automatic scray,

singeing, de-sizing, bleach impregnation, steaming, washing & dyeing. Bleaching chemistry is designed to reduce fabric strength loss during bleaching to allow complex finishing processes such as non-iron.

Key notes:

  • 1 single & de-sizing ranges from Parex, England with daily production capacity upto 120,000 meters.
  • 1 continuous bleaching ranges from Mather, England with daily production capacity upto 120,000 meters.


Our stitching facility includes 3 automatic laying up tables for multiple layer cutting of fabric for sheeting and duvets. We also have a switch track system for high efficiency stitching. Each product is needle detected before final delivery.

We utilize sewing machines comprising of flat, over lock, button hole, button sew, zigzag, blind hem, pin tuck, spot tack and cover seam.

A new Stitching facility with 74,000 set would be in place with an added Capacity of 25,000 Sets/Day.

Key notes:

  • Around 300 machines of different types and functions enriched the stitching unit. out of those, 70 over lock of 5 thread, 110 plain hem, 16 pair button hole & fixing, 4 zig-zag, 2 blind, 8 pair of eyelet hole & fixing, 10 snap button & 7 pintuck machines are the major strength.
  • 1 multi-needle quilting, 3 automatic laying machines for multi layer cutting & 1 needle detector.
  • 20,000 Bed Sets production capacity.

Duvet Cover, Flat & Fitted Sheet, Pillowcases (housewife, oxford, bolster cover), Curtains (tape, loop, hidden loop, eyelet), bed spread, mattress cover & protector, sofa cover, chair pads etc. are on our regular production range.

Continous Dyeing

We operate an ‘Aztech’ continuous wider width dye line for dyeing deep shades on cotton, polyester or blended fabric. To complement continuous dye range, we also offer cold pad batch and jigger dyeing for short batch length as well as for heavy weight fabric

A ‘Monfort’ inferred 10 bay dyeing & finishing stenter is also accompanying the range for pastel to mid shades dyeing.

Key notes:

  • 1 Wider width Continuous Dyeing from Aztech, USA with daily production upto 50,000 meters from medium to dark shades.
  • 1 Cold Pad batch from England
  • 1 Jumbo Jiggers from England
  • 1 mercerizing from Kuster, Germany
  • 1 stenter from Monfort, Germany

Coating Specialties

Our coating range consists of wide width 8 bay gas fired clip stenter with coating application capabilities. The machine comprises of a chemical padder for standard and specialist finishing, knife over roller coating head and foam generator for crush foam coating application on blackout curtains, infill and pigment coloring of coated fabrics, plaiting and batching, and automatic roll doffing.

Key notes:

  • 1 stenter from ‘Bruckner’, Germany with coating application capabilities can produce up to 12,000 meters of single pass coated fabric per day.

Rotary Prints

Two 16 color rotary printing machines from ‘Zimmer’ is capable of printing in 640 mm, 814 mm & 914 mm repeats. Both pigment & reactive prints are on regular production. An well-equipped designing and engraving facilities is supporting these printing machines to provide accurate and quick output.

A single headed rotary sample machine is engaged for initial sampling to avoid any interruption in production and support customer with quick sample turnaround time.

Selection of a wider width Flat Bed Machine [Panel Print] with 15 Color option already finalized which would bring diversity in printing capacity.

Key notes:

  • 2 of 16 colors wider width printing machines from Zimmer, Austria can print up to 120,000 meters fabric daily.
  • 1 Laser engraving “Smartlex 7043” from Stork, Austria & 1 Screen engraving machine from ZED England supported by climatizer and curing machine is able to prepare 75 screen daily.
  • Designing section have both manual and CAD from SGI, USA system supported by film developer.
  • 1 sample printing machine from Zimmer, Austria.

    Head office:

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    T: +880 2 893 2529

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